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How To Combine Your Face Serums With Your Makeup

As you probably know it by now, face serums are super hydrating and are ideal for giving you a smooth base to work with. Once added to your everyday skincare routine you will have a nice base for your makeup, while not experiencing any clogged pores or dehydration.

What Are Skin Serums?

This serum is an everyday skincare item which should be used on top of your skin in order to restore hydration. It is usually filled with an acid or some vitamin which can fight radicals, add antioxidants, and even out your skin tone while boosting your collagen production.

Skin serums can be used by any skin type, as long as they are purchased the right way.

How To Apply Your Serum Along With Makeup?

Always start off by washing your face and doing some quick and easy exfoliation. After that massage your serum (you can also use it on its own or when combined with your everyday moisturizer). Apply one dot to your cheek, other to your forehead, and the third dot to your chin. Dab the product in with your fingers and let it sink into your pores.

However, if working with a thicker consistency, such as the DermaC+ Anti-aging Serum, you should rub the product between your fingers in order to warm it up and prepare for the application. Once done, rub it into your skin.

Make circular motions as well as tapping motions for 60 seconds to absorb the product and all of its nutrients.

Once everything is set you can apply your primers, foundations, as well as powders on top.

You can try out the DermaC+ Anti-aging Serum in if want to fight signs of aging and boost your moisture level. You should also combine this with your dermaroller, and use some other products from their line in order to achieve the perfect results.

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